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The courage for innovative developments. This is the characteristics of the company Helmut Zepf regarding the new development of medical and surgical instruments. An extensive expertise and the 'feeling' for ergonomics and desing of our construction engineers with the application of software-supported construction methods are the foundation for a successful prodction. An ongoing dialogue with experience exchange with our development partners, from the first drawing to the production are regarded as a basic perequisite for realising new product lines. Functionality and ergonomics for the user; safety for the patient - therefore Helmut Zepf distinguishes itself from others.


The best solutions for bone treatment of the oral cavity.


Economy and quality on all single use materials for daily use.


The level of cleaning depends on the percentage of microorganisms eliminated in a given unit of time and depends on what you want to do disinfected object: is the medium and high-level changes from low-level disinfection, and then get to the real sterilization, through which you get the elimination of all life forms, pathogenic or innocuous they are.

Conservative Dentistry

Within these fields we offer a full range of materials and systems for direct and indirect restorations that support dentists and dental technicians during the entire treatment and manufacturing process allowing to obtain aesthetic results. The right solution for every indication.


edel+white®. Safe, strong and Swiss! edel+white® products keep their promises. With a young design, refreshing flavor and colors to motivate daily dental care. Produced by the Swiss dental care specialist Scanderra in Zurich, edel+white® unites the knowledge and competence of Swiss dental prophylaxis.

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SURGIPLASTER is a bone filling material based on calcium sulfate.

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Disposable latex glove, powder free. Dispenser 100 gloves

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Automatic dispensers for liquid soap.Working through infrared, battery powered (2 batteries, 1.5 V alkaline).Stainless steel body. Capacity 0.8 liters.

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Lipcare Mouth Mirror, Ø 24mm, Titanium 

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SEPTAMAN Gel is a colorless alcoholic solution in gel form, ready for use. For an instantaneous and effective disinfection of hands, suitable for frequent use, especially in the health sectors. 500ml bottle. For active ingredients and more details click on more information.

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Natural freshness and protection. Natural antibacterial mouthwash with grapefruit and lime extracts. Alcohol-free.

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Composite Spatula, small tips 1.5mm, with Titanium-Nitride Coating, handle Bionik with interchangeable tips.

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Titanium curette for front teeth with interchangeable inserts.

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X-LuxaTool-1 straight, with narrow tip width 2.5 mm Id-Ball Green

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Bone-scraper, 6 mm diameter, curved, with one blade and made of stainless steel.

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