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Wow Effect

WOW Effect includes different and specific products that take care of your body and the skin of your face.

Formulated to favor the skin tone of the face and body, thanks to the mix of active ingredients of innovative technology and at high concentrations, it allows to satisfy the needs of all consumers.

Consumer Products

The best quality of specific single-use for aesthetic professionals.

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Disposable latex glove, powder free. Dispenser 100 gloves

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Active micellar cleansing with an immediate and deep cleansing action It removes impurities and balance your skin Active principle: Mandelic acid 1%. Does not contain : Parabens, paraffin, lanolin, petrolatum,mineral oil, SLES and SLS, gluten*, perfume Nickel tested safe < 0,00001% Dermatologically tested,Microbiologically tested, Hypoallergenic For...

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Medical sheet paper of pure cellulose, pre-cut and microcollato for sunbeds.Cf. 4 Rolls Packaging: 4 rolls/carton

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This unique anti-wrinkle mask delivers deep anti-wrinkle and firming action. WOW Effect Anti-Wrinkle Mask makes skin looks younger,firmer and lifted. Clinical-instrumental tests prove thatafter 20 minutes after the first application elasticity is increased and skin looks younger. View active principle and more details on more information.

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A powerful serum for a deep anti-wrinkle action. Wow Effect Anti-Age Serum is a genuine compound of vitality and youth that helps to reduce the signs of aging skin, using a stretching process. View active principle and more details on more information.

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Shower towel folded individually. Ideal for shiatsu treatments.

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WOW Effect Anti-Age Lifting Effect cream has a physiological pH. WOW Effect Anti-Age Lifting Effect cream not only covers all the usual anti-ageing benefits such as firming, toning, hydrating and brightening,but also protects the skin from the ultraviolet rays of the sunlight. contains spf 20 For more details click on more information 

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Disposable towel roll. Color: white. Packaging: 800 sheets.

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Paper towels dry disposable, folded individually. Mis. cm. 40x70. confection 100 pcs

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WOW Effect Anti-Age Lightening Cream nourishes skin, makes it brighter and reduces age spots.  Particularly suited for mature skin types,with visible aging signs. Non greasy, easily penetrates skin layers. Reduces age spots,Physiological pH. View active principle and more details on more information.

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