Eurosima is a rapidly growing international company specializing in the field of stomatology, medicine, physiotherapy and aesthetic medicine.

Our customers decide about our success, that is why in our work we put special emphasis on the quality and efficient service to every customer.

Since years we have been present at the most important national and international trade fairs, paying particular attention to products of the highest quality and latest technology. We are constantly searching for innovative products in order to achieve the best results that can satisfy all the requirements of our customers.

We are proud to present our wide range of materials used by professionals in dental practices, including periodontics, conservative dentistry, treatment of periodontal diseases or aesthetic medicine.

We are direct dealer of products made by Helmut Zepf Medizintechnik GmbH, which is one of the most important factories in the world specializing in the production of popular dental surgical instruments. Thanks to qualified agents and distributors we are able to provide the best care and service to our customers.

We also organize courses in Italy and abroad for doctors, assistants and employees, which show the newest innovations in the field of stomatology.

Spanish company Suecos® is our latest discovery. It specializes in the production of health shoes. Footwear Suecos® was designed for people who first of all appreciate the comfort and functionality. Due to the innovative X-cell technology all models are ultra-light and specially shaped sole immediately adjusts to the foot, so you can enjoy the comfort and convenience throughout the day. Suecos® also took care of fancy designs and a wide range of models to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

We offer a range of restorative materials proposing a composite ProAce. Our unique private labeled line is produced in Germany by a worldwide known factory. The line includes all kinds of solutions for conservative dentistry distinguished by their successful clinical performance.

In the field of Aesthetic Medicine you can find an innovative line of WOW Effect cosmetics for face and body care. It is dedicated to both women and men. Innovative technology based on a high concentration of active ingredients makes products WOW Effect extremely effective, which is confirmed by a number of laboratory tests.

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Thank you for placing your trust in us.

Team Eurosima