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Nuova Farmec

Septaman Gel 1 Lt with the dispenser

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Excellent antimicrobial property, used in all departments where hygiene is important.
It has an excellent skin tolerability, even after prolonged use the hands remain soft and smooth, thanks to the presence of particular emollient and superfatting substances (glycerine and myristilic alcohol), which prevent epidermal cracking, maintain the natural lipid layer unaltered, favouring the regeneration of the lipidic component of the skin as well as the restoration of the physiological pH.
Immediate and prolonged action over time.
Formulated without allergenic substances: it does not contain perfumes, essences or dyes that could cause allergic reactions.
Contains ethyl alcohol.

Composition per 100g of solution:
Active ingredients:
Special denatured ethyl alcohol (denaturing: isopropyl alcohol)70,0
Glycerin, myristilic alcohol, thickeners, purified water q.b. at 100.0

Method of use:
Septaman Gel is very practical to use as it does not require the addition of water for washing or rinsing.

The product is suitable for:
-Antisepsis of the hands.
-Surgical hand disinfection.

VAT 0%
art.124 DL 34/2020