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About us

Years of research through people’s needs have brought to who we are today. We have the know-how you need.

Our motto is: "We want to give you the best", for this reason we have chosen exclusive and high quality brands.

Our concept store is divided between products aimed exclusively at professionals, especially in the dental sector, and products dedicated to a wider audience that appreciates innovation, style and attention to detail.

At dentists we offer a surgical instrument never seen before.

The German company Helmut Zepf, one of the most important factories in the world in the production of instruments, is constantly updated on new technologies and able to surprise for functionality and design of its products.

Instead, through research on customer needs, the wide range of footwear brand Suecos® has been developed to help not only professionals to face the working day in a healthy and comfortable way but also for all people who seek comfort for back and legs in everyday life!

With the same criterion we also chose the Vistashop glasses, made with excellent characteristics thinking about the visual health of people.

We offer a brand of eyewear that provides solutions for every need, from eyeglasses, through to sunglasses, for adults and children.

All of us are constantly trying to improve our appearance, in fact (since we do it too) we decided to share our choice to use cosmeceutics and nutraceuticals that protect us from skin aging. The Wow Effect line, produced by the pharmaceutical company Aqma, is formulated without harmful ingredients (such as perfumes, parabens, petrolatum, paraffin, mineral oils, gluten). They are dermatologically and microbiologically tested and adapt to every skin, even the most sensitive.

Finally, offers all companies the opportunity to create customized conventions to improve the well-being and performance of their staff.