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Alma Black&White

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Ultra-lightweight sneakers for an anti-stress and comfortable fit with breathable weave and CoolTech lining that allows excellent airflow and makes the shoe model around the foot. Seamless to prevent blisters when walking.

Cooltech™ for quick drying
The soft technical material quickly frees the fabric from moisture, quick dissipation and drying properties help your feet stay dry.
Honeycomb air system.
Honeycomb openings allow air to flow in and out at every step. This insole keeps the shape and helps distribute the pressure of the step on all parts of the foot.
X-Cell cushioning technology
The X-Cell technology not only provides a soft step, it also takes care of the back, knees and joints thanks to its cushioning properties.
Anti-slip outsole
The sole, a beautiful combination of X-CELL™ and rubber, with its anti-slip properties, ensures perfect control on dry and wet surfaces, offering greater safety.

X-CELL™ technology The X-CELL™ technology absorbs the shock of every step and offers comfort to the back, knees and joints. It also distributes body weight pressure over all parts of the foot, providing balance and control.
10,000 daily steps of health

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