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Helmut Zepf

Attin Compo 24.710.02OX

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Attin Compo blades are specially developed tools for the removal of composite residues. The Nanopal coating has increased the surface hardness of the instrument up to 4500 Vickers.

Each dentist removes composite filler residue in different ways, some use curettes and scalers, others use scalpel blades. Curettes and scalers are generally too weak, i.e. there is a high risk of breakage. Scalpel blades, on the other hand, have a high level of hardness, are sharp and good to use but only have a couple of angles available to work comfortably.

Helmut Zepf with the new Attin Compo wanted to deal with this very subject, because the stronger blades, thanks to the coating and the correct angles, make it possible to optimally reach all the quadrants of the mouth. The cutting performance is therefore guaranteed over a long period of time. The tool tips are interchangeable.

*Only two tools for all dials.
*Zepf Nanopal coating for maximum cutting performance and tool life.
*Tool inserts are interchangeable.
*Surface that does not reflect light.

Helmut Zepf catalogue page: 04-06

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