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Citrus mouthwash

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Fresh+Protect mouthwash naturally reduces bacterial growth, leaving a fresh, tropical taste in the mouth. It fights bad breath thanks to grapefruit and green lemon extracts, which also protect teeth and gums. Edel+White® Fresh+Protect is ready to use and also contains sodium fluoride for additional caries protection, but does not contain alcohol, making it ideal for daily use. In addition, the product also prevents damage to the mucous membranes.

Mouthwash characteristics:
Naturally antibacterial against bad
breath Contains sodium fluoride for protection against caries Fresh and pleasant

taste Promotes salivation thanks to alcohol-free fruit

Edel + White®, products that keep their promises.
Young and attractive design with colours that make daily dental care more pleasant.
Produced by the Swiss dental care specialist Scanderra.
Edel + White® combines the knowledge and expertise of Swiss dental prophylaxis.