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Helmut Zepf

CompoSMOOTH Complete Set

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The complete CompoSMOOTH set is composed of 4 composite spatulas (26.120.10TI/26.120.12TI/26.120.25TI/26.120.32TI), 1 Brush handle where you can insert the various types of silicone inserts with which to perform the layering technique and finally the stainless steel Tray where you can store all the instruments.

The new compoSmooth Brush Holder is a special brush with 3 different types of silicone inserts, which allow to effortlessly adapt and shape the composite surface before polymerization. The composite does not stick and even the most "sticky" composite can be shaped very well.
The composite spatulas have a black Bionik Peek handle with interchangeable tips and are covered with Titanium Nitride.
All CompoSMOOTH spatula tips have the special Zepf Onyx Coating (they are coated with Titanium Nitride) creating a smoother, harder and more scratch-resistant surface than conventionally coated instruments.

Essential Advantages:
- Creates an excellent contrast between the composite (white) and the instrument (black)
- Anti-glare
instrument - The tips are interchangeable, the handle is ergonomic, light and antibacterial

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