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Intensive Reshaping Cream Day 150ml

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Intensive reshaping emulsion draining adjuvant in the treatment of cellulite blemishes with adiposity and water retention localized in nparticular on hips and thighs.

can be used alone or in combination with WOW Effect Slimming Intensive Night to enhance and accelerate its effects.

The active ingredients contained in WOW Effect Reshaping Intensive Day Intensive are formulated with innovative LPD-complex technologies that facilitate the penetration of the active ingredients through the skin.

absorbs quickly, doesn't get dirty, doesn't get greasy.

Active ingredients

Lpd Rusco 5%, Lipol-maq 3%, Caffeine 3%, Lpd-escin 1%, Innovative hydrating complex 0.5%, Skin penetrant 0.5%.

Directions for use
Apply the product in the morning with a light massage until absorbed. Use the product for at least 4 weeks.

VAT 22%.