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Helmut Zepf

X-Luxa Tool Complete Set 17.007.00

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Complete Set consisting of 17.007.01 - 17.007.05 and 41.855.01Z in the washtray

X-Desmo-Tool (yellow):

The X-Desmo-Tool easily enters into the periodontal gap with its pointed tip and initially loosens the Sharpey’s Fibres. The modifi ed pencil handle and the handy shaft shape offer a depth sensibility like never experienced before without destroying related structures.

X-Luxa-Tool-3 (blue):

bent + narrow

for tooth loosening

X-Luxa-Tool-1 (green):

straight + narrow:

A delicate and controlled power transmission guarantees a specific loosening and luxation of the tooth without any risk of crown or root fractures.

Ideal position: approximal (mesial or distal) to the tooth whichis to be extracted.

X-Luxa-Tool-2 (green):

straight + wide:

Complete, non-traumatic luxation of upper molars (e.g. tooth 16). The ergonomic instrument shape ensures a gentle extraction without tooth fractures or any damage to the alveolar wall.

X-Luxa-Tool-4 (blue):

bent + wide:

for tooth luxation

Lucas Schaber Zepf-Line:

Inspection and curettage of the empty dental alveolus. Complete removal of all inflamed and connective tissue fibres.

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