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Dental Floss Expanding Floss

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Dental floss for perfect oral hygiene. Also for larger dental spaces.

The formidable Edel+White® expandable dental floss increases in volume considerably once it enters the interdental spaces. It inflates, to completely fill even the largest dental spaces, and performs its full cleaning effect. During use, it not only expands, but also becomes softer and thus protects the gums from damage.
It is also recommended for people with periodontitis.

The edel+white® expandable thread is waxed and tastes like fresh mint.

The superfloss

technology Edel+White® Expandable Floss reduces plaque by up to 70% and is therefore more effective at removing plaque than traditional dental floss*.

*Internal study of the University of Genoa, tested against the 3 most popular dental flosses, 2004.

The advantages of expandable dental floss:

- Expands during cleaning and cleans efficiently
- Reduces plaque by up to 70%*
- Suitable for large interdental
patience - Also for the care of bridges and braces
- Prevents damage to gums

Edel + White®, products that keep their promises.
Young and attractive design with colours that make everyday dental care more pleasant.
Produced by the Swiss dental care specialist Scanderra.
Edel + White® combines the knowledge and expertise of Swiss dental prophylaxis.