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Nordic Vision

Folding Habana

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Nordic Vision folding glasses are very light and easy to use. They have two very important features in the optical world: the light-blue protection of computer screens and the graduation for presbyopia.

Its light weight and small size make Folding an indispensable tool for people who spend long hours reading and working in front of computer screens, tablets, etc..

Folding glasses are accompanied by a custom-made case specially designed for this collection of folding glasses.

Folding's lenses and frames follow a comprehensive professional pharmaceutical quality control to ensure you receive only reliable products.

Folding and lightweight
UV 400 protection.
Anti-reflective treatment.
Optical quality frame.
Bureau Veritas European Quality Certificate.
Blue light reduction on computer screens.
Scratch protection with hydrophobic coating.
92% Transmission for greater sharpness.
Spherical lenses for greater concentration and contrast.
Non-recycled organic lenses.