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Helmut Zepf

Surgical Scissors Iris Onyx-Coating

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Iris Surgical Scissors are used for cutting gums, sutures or gauze. They have a sharp blade and a micro-toothed blade, ideal for ensuring a perfect cut. With extra large rings for a more comfortable grip.

The Onyx coating gives the instrument surface 3-5 times harder than traditional scissors. In combination with Supercut technology, it guarantees a very long product life as well as high precision and wear resistance.

The surface of the scissors is extraordinarily smooth making the sliding of the blades very easy even under stress. Thanks to the physical/chemical properties of the coating, cleaning is also much easier both during sterilization and with the use of solvents. Finally, the anti-reflective coating avoids annoying light reflections during work.

Helmut Zepf catalogue page: 06-32

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