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Since its creation, Kromopan has revolutionized the world of dentistry by allowing, thanks to the color change (purple -> pink -> white), the taking of impressions with high dimensional stability with easy control of the processing phases and quick setting.

The first alginate with chromatic phase indicator (Lascod patent): violet -> pink -> white.

  • Alginate Class A type 1
  • Easily mixable
  • Thixotropic
  • Extrarapid mouth holding time 30".
  • High detail definition: 20 microns
  • Very high dimensional stability (168 hours)
  • Compatible with fingerprint disinfectants
  • Aroma Mint
  • Dust Free
  • 5 years maturity


It is a chromatic alginate with high dimensional stability and fast setting.

The success of this alginate worldwide is due to its versatility and ease of use.
It is suitable for:

  • Mobile prosthetics
  • Antagonists in removable and fixed prosthesis
  • Preliminary models
  • Study models

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