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Helmut Zepf

Lever for Roots Beck curve, 3.5mm

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Helmut Zepf's Beck levers work with many support points (5 to 7) during the dislocation phase, which prevent slipping due to the different types of tip surfaces, as opposed to a conventional tool with rounded edges, which only works with 1-2 support points.
This makes the Beck Levers much more effective.
The elliptical shape of the tip allows easy access between the interdental spaces, in fact by rotating the instrument 180° it is possible to dislodge in four directions: 2 mesial and 2 distal directions.
These instruments should not be used as a classic lever, as shown in Figure 3. Due to the special shape, excessive force on the tip can cause it to break.




Helmut Zepf catalogue page: 05-53

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