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Helmut Zepf

Root Elevator 17.001.00

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Root Elevator Bein, round, 2 mm, fig. 0


Root Elevators

Root elevators are used for the surgical tooth extractions. They are used to luxate the tooth in the osseous alveolus and to expand the alveolus walls. They are also used to open the gingival sulcus prior to the tooth extraction. Straight instruments are used in the anterior region and in the maxillary area. Curved root elevators are ideal for the back teeth in the mandible. 

The Workmanship 

The shafts of Root Elevators are welded onto their hollow handles, and each and every one is checked for leakage at their welded joints. This manufacturing method virtually eliminates the leakage compared to cheap root elevators with pressed-in shafts.

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