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Helmut Zepf

Scissors for Micro-Surgery 46.321.16TISC

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Helmut Zepf's micro scissors guarantee excellent results when cutting soft tissue and thread. This is possible thanks to a micro sharpening on one scissor blade and a micro serration on the other blade. The curvature of the tip helps to easily reach any point in the oral cavity.
The flaky handle guarantees a safe and pleasant grip, while the lightness of the instrument makes it easy to handle.

The Onyx coating gives the surface of the instrument 3-5 times harder than traditional scissors. In combination with the Supercut technology, it guarantees a very long life to the product, as well as high precision and wear resistance. The surface of the scissors is extraordinarily smooth making the sliding of the blades very easy even under stress.

Finally, the anti-reflective coating prevents annoying light reflections during work.

Helmut Zepf catalogue page: 08-05

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