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OBF - Oral Bio Filter (pack. 6 pcs)

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OBF - Oral Bio Filter

Lip separator in surgical plastic with integrated spray interceptor.

Can be used by connecting directly to the surgical aspiration of the joint.
Suitable for the prevention of cross contamination, resulting from spray sprays that disperse in the environment during use of instruments with turbines, handpieces, ablators and hygiene devices and prophylaxis.
Pathogens remain suspended in the air for up to 2 hours and can contaminate the surrounding environment in a space of up to 3 m³ after being deposited.
Excellent effectiveness that elevates the safety of people and hygiene in the work areas
Ergonomic design that facilitates access to the oral cavity, without causing obstacles to the working process, adequately retracting the lips.

High comfort for the patient.
Disinfectable and cold sterilizable, but we recommend a mono-patient use.