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Helmut Zepf

Extracting Forceps #45ZS Rescue-Line 12.045.15ZS

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Extracting Forceps for lower front teeth and incisors, deep-grip.

Zepf Xcision

The exclusive design and 25% reduced weight make the Zepf Xcision-Instrument-Line light as a feather.

The ergonomic handle design enables uniform power transmission during pressing, pulling and rotary movements and is equally suited for both right handed as well as left handed practitioners. The unique tip design adapts exactly to the tooth and is beyond comparison to other instruments.

The smooth handle with circular openings makes the Zepf Xcision-Instrument-Line extraordinarily easy to be cleaned since there are no more hygiene-critical zones as with instruments with serrated handles.

The ideal handling and tactual sensation is guaranteed.

From design to functionality, this product line answers all your concerns. The Zepf Xcision Handle is a registered model of Helmut Zepf , which has been developed with Dr. Maty.


Our special Helmut Zepf Extracting Forceps in our modern Zepf Xcision Design have tapered jaw tips. Their fine, sharp tips which have been anatomically shaped to match perfectly the teeth and allow to reach deep and large contact areas, which in turn provides better mechanical advantages and a more secure grip. Since these special Helmut Zepf Extracting Forceps have been designed for performing luxations, they have longitudinal grooves only on their jaws’ gripping surfaces. The easy handling and superior “feel” of all our Zepf Xcision Lines of Extracting Forceps are of prime importance for this product line!

No reason to panic! These forceps will allow you to carry out any ex- traction and work more efficiently even under complicated circumstances. If teeth break during extraction, these are the tools you need to rapidly, safely, solve your problems.

These forceps have special all-purpose jaws designed to cover a broad range of applications and have sharp pointed tips that allow separating the tips of roots from surrounding tissue by slightly twisting them and then securely trapping the extracted roots in the gaps between their jaws. The article numbers of extracting forceps with serrated edges are amended by 'ZS'.

Helmut Zepf catalogue page: 05-15 / 05-31

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