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Helmut Zepf

Extracting Forceps RoBa-Edition 12.213.00Z

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With the patented RoBa-Edition Helmut Zepf introduces a new generation of extracting forceps. Deduced from the Zepf Xcision Instruments the RoBa-Edition has been especially developed in consideration of easy and gentle extraction.

The patented RoBa-Edition according to Dentist Beck is the consequential advancement of conventional extracting forceps with the advantages of the tapered deep-grip extracting forceps. The modified beaks accord- ing to Dentist Beck fit exactly on the teeth which ensures a maximum grip in the appliance. These new beaks are available for all figures in upper and lower jaw (incisors, premolars, molars and wisdom teeth).

Due to the fact that all teeth show a convex crown contour (upper jaw: labial, buccal, palatal and in lower jaw: labial, buccal, lingual), the beaks have been developed under this anatomical conditions The handle is a protected design from Helmut Zepf, which was developed in cooperation with Dr. Maty, Germany.

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