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Helmut Zepf

RoBa Edition extraction pliers 12.234.07Z

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The RoBa Edition Zepf Pliers completes the innovative advancement of the famous Xcision extraction pliers, with the patented RoBa Edition Helmut Zepf introduces a new generation of extraction pliers. It has been developed to be a safe and gentle device and to significantly reduce tooth fracture problems during extraction thanks to the innovative beak geometry.

The tips modified according to the advice of the Beck dentist adapt exactly to the teeth and ensure maximum adherence. These new beaks are available for all upper and lower jaw figures (incisors, premolars, molars and wisdom teeth).

The handle is a design protected by Helmut Zepf, which was developed in collaboration with Dr. Maty, Germany.

*The internal profiles of the pliers are concave, to have a deep grip on the neck of the tooth or crown, the RoBa Pliers ensures maximum adherence in every situation. Using them you can exclude tooth root fracture.
*The different internal profiles guarantee maximum adaptation in every situation. No tooth inclination during rotating and pulling movements and pressure.
*The tapered tip offers excellent subgingival grip.

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