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Helmut Zepf

Micro needle holder double action

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What is Helmut Zepf's Spin Lock technology?
It is a new technology that replaces the standard needle holder, in which the instrument no longer has the classic parallel screw closure but a new closure that prevents the suture thread from getting stuck to the needle holder during surgery.

The double-action instruments consist of a micro needle holder and a micro pliers.
Usable with 4/0-8/0

suture needle The advantages of Double-Action instruments:
- Manufactured with a special stainless steel.
- The needle holder is made of tungsten carbide to ensure long life.
- Thanks to its rounded shape, rotation is greatly facilitated, especially during suturing, contrary to the usual flat needle holders.
- The innovative design prevents the threads from getting stuck.

Helmut Zepf catalogue page: 08-04

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