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Sterilization roll 200m

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  • Printing takes place on the line outside the sterilisation space along the seals between paper and film, in order to avoid ink migration on the product.
  • Green transparent laminated film that allows easy identification of the contents.
  • Reinforced film to prevent tearing of the plastic material during opening.
  • 60 or 70 gsm "medical grade" paper of superior quality.
  • The triple sealing line has a spacing and strength that guarantees a constant seal during sterilization and excellent peelability during opening without release of paper fibres or tears.
  • Process indicators for steam and EO.
  • Process indicator for formaldehyde available on request.
  • ISO 11140 certified water-based and non-toxic inks.
  • All materials comply with international standards.
  • Indication of the direction of opening.
  • Validated production process.
  • The rolls are packed one by one in a protective plastic film and placed in the packaging carton.
  • All this guarantees protection from dust even after opening the carton.
  • Can be used with all models of thermosealers