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Assorted interdental brushes

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Clean your interdental spaces with ease and safety!

Edel+White® interdental brushes are very durable and easy to use thanks to their robust metal core and flexible neck. The solid hygienic wire coating protects against contamination and makes it safe to use for implants, bridges and orthodontic appliances.

80% of all interdental spaces can be cleaned with only 6 different brush sizes from 0.42mm to 5mm!

Interdental brushes are used by dental hygienists and dentists with their patients. These brushes are characterized by excellent flexibility and durability, the compact and elongated handle offers a secure non-slip grip even with gloves. The reinforced structural wire coated with a special alloy gives even the finest brushes great stability.
Training on the correct use for professional cleaning of patients' dental spaces is recommended. The use of ordinary disposable professional toothbrushes is no longer necessary.

Edel+White® Brushes from 1.7mm up to 5mm diameter meet almost all requirements.

Edel + White®, products that keep their promises.
Young and attractive design with colours that make daily dental care more pleasant.
Produced by the Swiss dental care specialist Scanderra.
Edel + White® combines the knowledge and expertise of Swiss dental prophylaxis.

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