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Nuova Farmec

Septaman Gel 500 ml

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It has excellent skin tolerability; even after prolonged use, the skin of the hands remains soft and smooth, thanks to the emollient and super-greasing substances present in the preparation which avoid skin cracking, helping the regeneration of the lipid constituent of the skin as well as the reactivation of the physiological pH.

Septaman gel has a rapid and extended action over time and is formulated without allergenic substances: it does not contain perfumes, essences or dyes that could cause allergic reactions.

It is distinguished by the simplicity of use: it can be used anywhere and at any time, regardless of the presence of water, in addition, the gel formula, allows a proper dosage and a convenient application on the skin without losing the product.

Extremely practical to use as it does not require the addition of water for washing or rinsing.

How to use:

Antisepsis of the hands: rub 3 ml of product (2 strokes of the manual dispenser, where present) on dry and visibly clean hands for 30 seconds and leave to dry.

Surgical hand disinfection: with 3 ml of product (2 strokes of the manual dispenser, where present) evenly spray the entire surface of the hands and forearms dry and visibly clean, rub for 45 seconds and allow to dry. Repeat the operation a second time, for a total of 90 seconds.

Composition per 100g of solution:
Active ingredients:
Special denatured ethyl alcohol (denaturing: isopropyl alcohol)70,0
Glycerin, myristilic alcohol, thickeners, purified water to 100,0

VAT 0%
art.124 DL 34/2020