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Septozym CE 1 Lt.

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Septozym "CE" is a concentrated enzymatic detergent suitable for descaling and cleaning medical devices (critical, semi-critical and non-critical) from contaminating organic material present on their surface.
Manual and automated cleaning of surgical instruments and even invasive medical devices. Washing and cleaning with ultrasonic devices.
Solubilizes and removes blood, pus, exudates and other organic material in a short time, even from the most hidden and unattainable fractures.
It makes objects perfectly shiny and brilliant and its application solutions remain perfectly clear and transparent for a long time even in the presence of blood.
For the proper treatment of critical and semi-critical devices the Italian and international regulations suggest the passage through 3 essential phases:
1. Preliminary decontamination carried out with a disinfectant of recognized effectiveness on HIV (Decree of 28 September 1990 "Rules of protection from professional HIV infection in public and private health and care facilities)
2. Manual and/or mechanical
cleaning 3. Disinfection of different levels or sterilization
The treatment of the instruments with Septozym "CE" is therefore a preliminary step to the next phase of high disinfection and sterilization.

Composition per 100g of solution:
Active ingredients: Enzymatic
mixture 2g, Non-ionic surfactant 48g, Anionic surfactant 5g.
Silicone antifoam 0,60g, Buffer, solvents, preservatives and deionized water to 100g.

Method of use:
Septozym Ce is a concentrated solution to be used only diluted with tap water in the percentage of 0.3% (3ml per liter of water).
It can be used both for manual cleaning but also for washing and cleaning with ultrasonic devices and washing machines with mechanical action.

The product is suitable for:
- Washing and/or cleaning of medical-surgical articles (instruments, catheters, probes, fibre optic instruments, anaesthesia, haemodialysis, endoscopy and inhalation therapy equipment) in hospitals and medical and dental surgeries, before disinfection and/or sterilization operations.

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