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Helmut Zepf

M5 Deep Scaling prophylaxis set in Nanopal

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Helmut Zepf's M5 Deep Scaling Prophylaxis Set contains 4 Gracey Curettes of different sizes that can be used to prevent the formation of tartar pockets inside the gum wall, a Sickle Scaler for the removal of plaque in the interdental spaces of the molar area and the Stainless Steel Tray where all instruments can be stored.

The tips of the curettes are all coated in Nanopal and interchangeable, can be ordered individually and changed using the appropriate keys (cod. 24.755.02 and cod. 24.755.03). They are also supplied with the Bionik handle (Peek) in 10 different colours.

Catalogue page Helmut Zepf: 03-06/03-07

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