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Sonic Generation 8 - Hydro-Active Sonic Toothbrush

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A cleansing action that extends well beyond the reach of the bristles. Active in depth, easy and safe.
The vibrations created by 42,000 movements per minute eliminate food deposits well beyond the bristle range. The Dual Clean toothbrush cleans the surface of two teeth simultaneously.
Konex HD ultra-fine bristles effectively clean teeth and gums without damaging tissue. They strengthen the gums and protect sensitive teeth on a daily basis.

- High-performance motor.
- Up to 42,000 vibrations per minute, which speeds up and improves daily care and cleaning.
- Equipped with KONEX HD Ultra-fine bristles that effectively clean teeth and gums without damaging tissue.
- Also suitable for sensitive teeth and weak gums.
- 4 cleaning modes:
Sensitive (gentle action), gentle cleaning for sensitive teeth and gums.
Active Deep (intense action), active and accurate deep plaque removal for healthy teeth and strong gums.
Whitening (whitening action), natural whitening of teeth by removing even stubborn stains.
Yoga, breathing and brushing exercise in one.
These functions can be set and changed according to individual needs. The functions are stored in memory.

- Equipped with timer that deactivates the Sonic Generation after the recommended brushing time.
- Multi-voltage 100/240 V charger.
- Waterproof handle.
Warranty: 2 years.

1 Sonic Generation + 2 Dual Clean Brush heads + 1 travel case + 1 charger + instructions for use.

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