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Helmut Zepf

Screw, Ø 1.6 mm, 10 mm, S = Short 12.300.60

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Extraction System


In modern dental treatment, implantology following extraction is increasingly favoured. Consistent with the principle of minimal invasion, conserving soft and hard tissue structures is a must. Starting with extraction. The modified BenexII guarantees a gentle and simple extraction of roots in the whole mouth. It is nearly impossible to harm the soft tissue and the surrounding bone. Due to the longitudinal extraction, BenexII is an optimal basis for direct implantation. It is also a valuable help for retarded implantation after the extraction with the BenexII system. Studies made after the use of BenexII prove that the reossification of the extraction alveole is advancing optimally. This is a great advantage for the retarded implantation.

The new BenexII is now available in a washbasket complying with the RKI guidelines. That way, the requirements of optimal cleanability and sterilization were taken into account. You will find further information, application examples and the BenexII user forum at:

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