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Helmut Zepf

X Luxa Tool 17.007.02

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Luxa-Tool, straight, 4.5 mm, for front teeth and upper jaw, green metallic.

XTOOL instruments

the Original

The implantology with immediate insertion after the tooth extraction is more and more a focus of interest in modern dentistry. It appears to be more than necessary to protect soft and hard tissue structures already during the extraction phase and to follow the principles of minimal invasiveness. Here is an ideal complement for this: The XTOOL Instruments!

In contrast to existing instruments this clearly arranged and universal Xtool Set supports you during the gentle and uncomplicated extraction of teeth which cannot be preserved.

Modern therapy methods require modern instruments!

  • Color coding for clear handling.
  • Universal and complete extraction instruments in one tray.
  • Ergonomic handle design (pencil- design) prevents unintended slipping during usage.
  • Direct and controlled power transmission to prevent tooth and root fractures.
  • Non-traumatic tooth extraction without injuring surrounding structures.

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